About Us


Club 12 is a private non-profit organization formed to provide a meeting space where individuals in twelve-step and other recovery programs may come together to enhance their spiritual condition with mutual support and cultivation, sponsor social and other fellowship functions, and to promote the building of better citizenship and leadership throughout the community.

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Categories found in our schedule:

AA – Alcoholics Anonymous meeting for anyone having problems with alcohol. 

NA – Narcotics Anonymous meeting for anyone having problems with drugs and/or alcohol. 

RD – Recovery Dharma meeting for anyone with problems with any addictions including process addictions such as over-eating, smoking, sex, etc. 

C12 – Club 12 meeting for business affairs and for anyone interested in how Club 12 works. 

EF – Time reserved for any entertainment or fundraising events. 

ME – Time reserved for any supporting member to use for private function. 


Our Purpose


When an individual applies the principals of the twelve-step program daily, the quality of life improves within their entire family. This has resulted in scores of different types of twelve-step programs helping to improve lives worldwide.

The disease of addiction isolates both the sufferer and their loved ones. Fortunately, this can be overcome with proper treatment. By increasing access to recovery services, the costly toll on society and the burden it places on families can be reduced. It has been proven that the most effective treatment for alcoholism, drug addiction and compulsive gambling involves peer counseling – one survivor talking to another. Full time access for these varied recovery programs along with a regular site for group and family fellowship improves the success in providing hope for these sufferers and their families.



There have always been people in recovery who have sought a place to go for coffee and conversation; a spot where members could gather for lunch; a place where they could gather socially on weekends and holidays; a safe haven.

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Categories found in our schedule:






1 Durkee St. Plattsburgh, NY 12901